Yung Joc’s Family: How Many Kids Does He Have?

Yung Joc is an American rapper, actor, and television personality. His real name is Jasiel Robinson, and he was born on April 2, 1983, in Atlanta, Georgia. He gained fame in the mid-2000s with his hit single “It’s Goin’ Down” and has since released several successful albums.

Apart from his successful music career, Yung Joc is also known for his personal life, especially his family. The rapper has always been vocal about his love for his family and often shares pictures of them on his social media pages. However, one question that many of his fans ask is, “How many kids does he have?” In this blog post, we will explore Yung Joc’s family and answer this question.

Yung Joc has eight children with four different women. Yes, you read that right – eight children! However, despite having multiple baby mamas, the rapper has always expressed his desire to be a present father in his children’s lives. In an interview, he said that his ambition is to “provide and take care of them so they never have to feel like they are missing out on anything.”

The oldest child of Yung Joc is Amoni, who was born in 2000. She is the daughter of Fatimah Jester, but Yung Joc has full custody of her. He is incredibly proud of his daughter’s academic achievements and regularly posts about her on social media. In a post celebrating her high school graduation, Yung Joc wrote, “My queen has graduated with honors, and I couldn’t be more proud.”

Yung Joc’s second child is a son named Ja’Kori, who was born in 2001. He is the rapper’s first child with his ex-girlfriend Alexandria Robinson. Ja’Kori is now all grown up and recently celebrated his 20th birthday, with Yung Joc sharing a heartfelt post on Instagram in honor of his son.

In 2004, Yung Joc welcomed a daughter named Amir with his ex-girlfriend, Sina Bina. Though not much is known about Amir, Yung Joc seems to have a close relationship with her as he has shared several pictures of them together on social media.

Yung Joc’s fourth child, Chase Robinson, was born in 2005. She is the rapper’s second child with Alexandria Robinson, and like Ja’Kori, she is now an adult. Yung Joc recently shared a picture of him and Chase wishing her a happy birthday.

In 2007, Yung Joc welcomed twin daughters named Cadence and Camora with his then-girlfriend, Carla Daniel. The rapper often shares pictures of his twins on social media and seems to enjoy spending time with them. In one post, he wrote, “These little girls drive me crazy, but I wouldn’t trade them for the world.”

Yung Joc’s seventh child, Amiracle, was born in 2011. She is the rapper’s third child with Alexandria Robinson. Despite being born during a tumultuous time in Yung Joc’s life, when he was dealing with legal troubles, he made sure to be present in Amiracle’s life.

Finally, Yung Joc welcomed his eighth child, a son named Chase, in 2016. He is the rapper’s second child with Fatimah Jester, and like Amoni, he has full custody of Chase.

In conclusion, Yung Joc has a big family, with eight children from four different women. Despite having multiple baby mamas, he has always expressed his desire to be a present father in his children’s lives. He regularly shares pictures of his children on social media, and it’s evident that he loves them very much.

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