The Ultimate Lengthy Facetime Call Record

As we continue to navigate a world with social distancing and limited social interaction, it’s no surprise that video calls have become a staple in our daily lives. And let’s be honest, who hasn’t found themselves on a lengthy FaceTime call with their friends or family at some point during this pandemic?

Well, it turns out that the ultimate lengthy FaceTime call record has now been set, and it might just blow your mind. According to Guinness World Records, the longest FaceTime call ever recorded was between two friends, Alex Mann and Daniel Lozano, who live on opposite sides of the world – Alex in Australia and Daniel in Los Angeles.

The call lasted for an astonishing 88 hours and 53 minutes, shattering the previous record of 50 hours and 2 minutes. The two friends stayed up for almost four days straight, chatting and hanging out virtually as they tried to break the record.

During the call, Mann and Lozano had to follow strict guidelines to ensure that they didn’t cheat or take breaks. They were only allowed a five-minute break every hour and had to show evidence that they were still on the call with each other.

The two friends used the opportunity to not only break a world record but also to raise awareness and funds for mental health organizations. They live-streamed the entire call on Twitch and received donations from viewers who were inspired by their challenge.

While most of us probably won’t attempt to break this world record anytime soon, it goes to show just how much we rely on technology to stay connected with those we love. We may not be able to physically be with each other right now, but thanks to apps like FaceTime, we can still spend quality time together virtually.

So, the next time you find yourself on a lengthy FaceTime call, just remember that you never know – you might just break a world record without even realizing it!

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