The Troubling Reality Behind the “What the Actual F*ck is Wrong With You” Quiz

I took the “What the Actual F*ck is Wrong With You” quiz after seeing it being shared by friends on social media. It sounded funny and intriguing, like a harmless way to pass the time. But what I found after taking the quiz left me troubled and uneasy.

The quiz starts innocently enough, with questions like “Do you prefer cats or dogs?” and “Do you like spicy food?” But as the quiz progresses, the questions become more personal and invasive. Questions like “Have you ever been clinically diagnosed with a mental illness?” and “Have you ever been sexually abused?” are asked without any sensitivity or consideration for the potential triggers they may bring up for those taking the quiz.

What bothered me the most was the flippant and nonchalant tone of the quiz. Mental illness and trauma are serious issues that should never be trivialized or used as a cheap source of entertainment. The quiz even includes questions like “Have you ever peed in a public pool?” and “Do you like pineapple on pizza?” as if they hold the same weight as questions about mental health and trauma.

But it’s not just the insensitive questions that are problematic. The results of the quiz also perpetuate harmful stereotypes and stigmas surrounding mental illnesses. For example, one of the results is “You’re a sociopath!” complete with an image of a crazed looking cartoon character. This is dangerous because it reinforces the idea that those with mental illnesses are violent and unstable.

Another result is “You’re just a little bit crazy!” which trivializes mental illness and suggests that it’s something that can be easily dismissed or brushed off. Mental illness is a real and serious issue that affects millions of people worldwide. It’s not something that can be summed up by a silly online quiz.

Furthermore, the quiz fails to take into account the different ways mental illnesses manifest in individuals. Mental illnesses are complex and varied, and cannot be reduced to a simple quiz with a limited number of questions. The quiz also fails to acknowledge the fact that mental illness is not a choice, and those who suffer from it should not be shamed or ridiculed.

In conclusion, the “What the Actual F*ck is Wrong With You” quiz is a troubling example of how mental illness and trauma are still misunderstood and stigmatized in our society. While it may seem like harmless fun, it reinforces harmful stereotypes and trivializes serious issues. It’s important that we treat mental illness and trauma with the sensitivity and respect they deserve, and avoid perpetuating damaging attitudes through thoughtless quizzes like this one.

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