The Only Arrowhead Allowed for Big Game Hunting

As a big game hunter, it is crucial to have the right gear and equipment to ensure a successful hunt. One essential piece of equipment that needs careful consideration is the arrowhead. The arrowhead is the tip of the arrow, which pierces through the animal, causing a fatal wound. Various arrowheads are available in the market, but not all are reliable enough for big game hunting. In this article, we will highlight the only arrowhead that is allowed for big game hunting.

Broadheads are the only arrowheads permitted for big game hunting. A broadhead is an arrowhead with two or more blades that expand upon impact, causing greater penetration and damage. Broadheads are designed to create large wounds and cause massive bleeding, leading to a quicker and cleaner kill. There are two types of broadheads: fixed-blade and mechanical.

Fixed-blade broadheads have been around for years and are a popular choice among big game hunters. The blade sits rigidly within the ferrule, making it sturdy and durable. The lack of moving parts means there is minimal chance of mechanical failure, making it a reliable choice. With fixed-blade broadheads, accuracy is critical as they do not adjust mid-flight. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure proper alignment and tuning before the hunt.

On the other hand, mechanical broadheads have gained popularity recently due to their ability to expand upon impact, leading to greater penetration and larger wound channels. Mechanical broadheads have small blades that deploy on impact, leading to a faster and more humane kill. Their aerodynamic design improves accuracy, and they are easy to tune compared to fixed-blade broadheads. However, mechanical broadheads require extra care during the setup process due to their moving parts that can malfunction upon impact.

When choosing a broadhead for big game hunting, several factors need to be considered. One major factor is the size of the game you intend to hunt. Bigger game animals require a more significant and sturdy broadhead to penetrate through their tough hides and muscle tissue. Another factor to consider is the draw weight of your bow. A higher poundage bow requires a stronger broadhead to withstand the pressure upon impact. The arrows you choose should also match the weight and spine of the bow you are using.

In conclusion, as a big game hunter, the only arrowhead allowed for hunting is the broadhead. Broadheads come in two types, fixed-blade, and mechanical, which both have unique features that make them a reliable choice. When choosing a broadhead, factors such as the size of the game, the draw weight of your bow, and the arrow’s weight and spine must be considered to ensure a successful hunt. Ultimately, choosing the right broadhead for hunting makes all the difference and leads to a quick, humane kill.

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