How Much Does Hair Weigh?

Hair is a topic that has fascinated humans for centuries. From the ancient Egyptians who adorned their hair with ornaments to modern-day societies that value healthy and voluminous locks, hair has always been a significant aspect of our appearance and self-expression. However, one question that often goes unnoticed is – how much does hair weigh?

The weight of hair varies greatly depending on various factors such as hair type, length, thickness, and texture. On average, an individual strand of hair weighs around 0.1 milligrams (mg), which means that a bundle of 100,000 strands would weigh approximately 10 grams (g). However, this is just an estimate, and the actual weight can differ significantly.

Hair Type

The type of hair is a crucial factor in determining its weight. Generally, there are three types of hair – straight, wavy, and curly. Straight hair tends to be the thinnest and lightest, while curly hair is the thickest and heaviest. This difference in weight is because curly hair has more volume due to the curls and kinks present in them.

Length and Thickness

Hair length and thickness also play a crucial role in determining its weight. Longer hair tends to weigh more due to the additional length and volume. For instance, a long, thick ponytail can weigh up to 200 grams or more. Similarly, thicker strands of hair tend to be heavier than thinner ones. This is because the diameter of the hair shaft determines its weight.


Another significant factor is a hair’s texture. Fine hair generally weighs less than coarse hair because it has a smaller diameter. Moreover, damaged hair, which can be frizzy and tangled, can weigh significantly more than healthy hair. This is because damaged hair is porous, which means it can absorb more water and other substances, making it heavier.

Other Factors

In addition to hair type, length, thickness, and texture, there are other factors that can influence a hair’s weight. For example, the presence of natural oils, products, or residue can add to its weight. Additionally, environmental conditions such as humidity, heat, and wind can also impact how much hair weighs.


In conclusion, the weight of hair is a complex and multifaceted topic that depends on various factors. While the average weight of an individual strand of hair is 0.1 mg, the actual weight can differ significantly depending on hair type, length, thickness, texture, and environmental factors. From a scientific standpoint, understanding the weight of hair is essential for developing hair care products that cater to different hair types and textures. However, from a personal perspective, knowing how much our hair weighs may not seem that significant. Still, it is an interesting topic that offers insight into the unique characteristics of our hair and its role in shaping our appearance and self-expression.

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