How Long Does it Take for a Baby Villager to Grow Up?

Minecraft is an entertaining game that allows players to create and explore their own worlds. Villagers are a quintessential part of Minecraft’s game mechanics, and they can be found in almost every biome. They are essential for trading and can provide valuable resources for the player. As many players know, breeding villagers can be a very lucrative option in Minecraft. However, the question remains: how long does it take for a baby villager to grow up?

The answer is quite simple. A baby villager takes exactly 20 minutes to grow up and become an adult. During that time, the baby villager will go through several stages of growth, and there are only two things that can speed up this process.

The first thing that can speed up the process of aging for the baby villagers is called “saturating.” This means that the baby villager needs to have a full belly. If the baby villager is constantly eating food, then it will grow up faster. This is an excellent way to speed up the process if you’re in a hurry to get adult villagers.

The second thing that can speed up the process is based on the number of beds in the village. If there are enough beds for all villagers, the baby villager will grow up faster as well. Each bed allows another villager to breed, thus creating more baby villagers. If there aren’t enough beds, then the baby villager will remain a baby until the situation is remedied.

When it comes to breeding, baby villagers are essential. The more baby villagers that you create, the more likely you are to get adult villagers with desirable trades. Also, baby villagers are cute and fun to hang around, and they can easily be bred using carrots, potatoes, and bread.

Furthermore, baby villagers are useful because they can be trained to become valuable members of your Minecraft community. The longer you keep them, the more they will level up and become useful in various trades. For example, a baby villager can be trained to become a librarian, adding valuable enchantments to your gear if you have the required resources.

In summary, it takes 20 minutes for a baby villager to grow up and become an adult. During that time, two things can speed up the process: saturating and having enough beds. Breeding baby villagers is essential for trading, and they can be trained to become valuable members of your Minecraft community. Additionally, allowing baby villagers to grow up makes for an enriched gaming experience, as they add an element of cuteness and a sense of community within the game.

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