Approaching a Railroad: The Right Way to Act

Approaching a Railroad: The Right Way to Act

Railroads are an important part of our transportation system, but they can also be dangerous if not approached with caution. Every year, there are accidents involving vehicles and pedestrians at rail crossings. To prevent these incidents from happening, it is important to know how to approach a railroad safely. Here are some tips on the right way to act when approaching a railroad:

1. Look and listen for trains

Before you approach a railroad crossing, look both ways and listen for any approaching trains. Trains can come from either direction and may not always be easy to see or hear, especially if they are traveling quietly or around a curve. When in doubt, assume a train is coming and wait for it to pass before proceeding.

2. Obey all signs and signals

Railroad crossings are often marked with signs and signals that indicate when a train is coming. These may include flashing lights, barriers or gates that block the road, and warning signs that tell you to slow down or stop. Always obey these signs and signals, even if you don’t see or hear a train. They are there to keep you and others safe.

3. Stop and look before crossing

When you approach a railroad crossing, come to a complete stop and look both ways before crossing the tracks. Make sure there are no trains coming, and be aware of any pedestrians, bicycles or other vehicles that may be crossing with you. Only proceed when it is safe to do so.

4. Don’t race the train

Never try to beat a train across the tracks. Trains are much larger and heavier than cars or trucks, and they require a lot more time to come to a stop. If you try to race a train, you put yourself and others in danger. Always wait for the train to pass before crossing the tracks.

5. Use extra caution at night

At night, it can be even harder to see or hear an approaching train. Use extra caution when approaching a railroad crossing in the dark, and turn off your headlights and radio so you can listen for trains. Be especially careful at crossings that are not well lit or have limited visibility.

By following these tips, you can approach a railroad safely and avoid accidents. Remember, it is always better to be safe than sorry when it comes to railway crossings.

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